Welcome to Hollywood’s Master Storytellers website.  My name is Nadine Christine Hamdan and I am one of the producers, along with John Culton. We’re glad you’re here.


Nadine Christine, aka Nadine Christine Hamdan is an accomplished comedy writer, producer and entrepreneur who has sold several screenplays for film and currently working for production companies and networks as a writer for television sitcoms. As the creator and producer” The World’s Greatest Unknown Comedian”, one of the largest Internet talent comedy competition’s which launched in fall of 2004 and lasted for 3 seasons, she learned early on about the importance of the internet. She is also the Executive Producer and head of development of the live and broadcast versions of “Hollywood’s Master Storyteller”, also known as HMS. Now in it’s 10th year, HMS is getting bigger and better than ever.

Due to the fact that HMS didn’t have a budget early on, Nadine and her partners had to get on the horn and invite all the major A-Listers to HMS as guests, which include, but not limited too (George Clooney, Drew Barrymore, Oliver Stone and Pierce Brosnan, but who’s bragging) and get butt’s in the theater seats at the Arclight Cinema and then eventually at Mann’s Chinese, where HMS currently resides.  It was also through that time that Nadine learned the importance of marketing and publicity.  From there, in 2007, she gave birth to Euphoric Media Group to integrate a rather large publicity division that represents A-Z listers and a few martians.  In 2008, Nadine and her partners took on the social media platform and began designing large scale websites that would utilize the Internet and a mix of mainstream publicity, coupled with fantastic relationships and built a PR and Marketing company that reaches over 700 million people a year.  And we’re being modest. With her infatuation for the Intertnet and live broadcasts, Nadine is currently working on four simulcast productions, going live in 2012 with the most prestigious guests in Hollywood’s Master Storytellers history, and launching one of the largest live digital distribution deals in Hollywood.

As one of the most connected people in Los Angeles, Nadine is described as an “outlet” that anyone can plug into and reach the Hollywood decision makers at the networks, studio’s and production companies.  Building, branding and creating relationships is what she is all about.  Even if it’s marketing and branding a toothpick, Nadine and her team are on it to make it the most interesting and needed toothpick in the universe (and with advanced animation, the toothpick will dance).

Writing, creating, producing and being globally conscious is what Nadine is passionate about (botox and chocolate as well).




1991 to Present – John Culton is an accomplished screenwriter and the winner of several National and International Screenwriting Competitions. He has earned major wins from the Los Angeles Scriptwriter’s Network, Austin Film Festival, Worldfest-Houston, Worldfest-Charleston, Independent Feature Project New York, American Screenwriting Competition and The Writer’s Place. He has also garnered acclaim in over 50 other competitions.

1998 to 2007 – Co-Founder and CEO of FilmStew International, Inc. and was the first Entertainment Portal on the Internet pioneering applications for film production such as Location Directories, Screenwriting services including permission based viewing of scripts, Production Directories, Talent Bios, and Tracking Boards (tracking productions in progress). also developed a solid reputation for Entertainment News, primarily in the motion picture arena.

2000 to 2006 – Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Booking Systems (DBS).  DBS was the first web-enabled movie theater booking system.  For the first time it allowed theater exhibition executives the convenience of generating a request to exhibit a film digitally.  The system also digitally generated acceptance from the Distributor and the terms of the rental.  Movies could be booked in theaters without hundreds of phone calls, contracts and invoices.  DBS was sold in 2006 to Digital Sound (DTS).

2004 to Present – Co-owner and Producer of Hollywood’s Master Storytellers (HMS).  Hollywood’s Master Storytellers provides live audiences with the opportunity to meet some of Hollywood’s best Storytellers, telling the always-fascinating “Great Stories Behind the Great Stories™” and is a production of Hollywood’s Master Storytellers Entertainment. Since its launch in January 2003, Hollywood’s Master Storytellers has been host to such luminaries as Academy Award® winning writer/director James Cameron, actor/producer Drew Barrymore, three-time Academy Award® winning writer/director Oliver Stone, actor/producer Pierce Brosnan, Studio head Jeffrey Katzenberg, super producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and actor/producer/director George Clooney.

Hollywood’s Master Storytellers has produced over one hundred live audience shows featuring the greatest filmmakers of our time.  Select programs such as the 25th anniversary of THE BLUES BROTHERS and the premiere of GANTZ (a Japanese Anime favorite) are simultaneously broadcast to hundreds of theaters across the nation.  Shows are currently held at the Mann Chinese Six on Hollywood Boulevard; or, at the iconic Grauman’s Chinese theater for special presentations.

2007 to Present – Co-Owner of WaterMarkHD (WMHD).   WMHD provides High Definition television, motion picture, and live event production equipment and support nationally and internationally. Our HD-SDI FlyPacks are the ideal solution for producers and event coordinators – providing the full power of an HD production truck in the compact and versatility of a single case design.

WMHD has produced events and shows around the world from Hollywood Premiers, to The World Poker Tour, and such diverse events as the Blue Angels, the Technical Academy Awards, and the Caribbean World Series.

2009 to Present – VP Business Development Blue Star Technologies, Inc.  Blue Star Technologies, located in Spokane, Washington was launched in 2007 to provide the next generation Blu-ray digital disc replication and package assembly services for the computer hardware, software and movie industries.

Culton provides consulting, negotiating and deal point assistance with large account development, acquisitions, mergers, and aggregation.

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