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Brett Ratner Talks About Pierce Brosnan

Meeting Pierce was wonderful when he joined us at Hollywood’s Master Storytellers. Here is a funny story Brett Ratner tells about playing a prank of Pierce Brosnan and Selma Hayek.


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The Blues Brother LIVE simulcast..

Hollywood’s Master Storytellers launched its National Edition by hosting the 25th Anniversary of The Blues Brothers (1980) with live appearances by Dan Aykroyd, director John Landis, cast members James Brown, Steve Cropper and Henry Gibson and former Universal Studios President Thom Mount. The event was beamed live via satellite to movie theaters nationwide.

Read the amazing interview with John Landis.  

What was your reaction when Universal approached you about doing this 25th Anniversary DVD event?
“Well I said, ‘I’m surprised if anyone shows up.’ I mean, the movie plays on TV all the time! (Laughing) But Danny [Aykroyd] is going to be in Toronto and I will be in LA with James Brown and Henry Gibson and a bunch of people, so it ought to be interesting...

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Some of the most hysterical clips from our live broadcast of “The Aristocrats”.  Bob Sages on banging his mother.  Andy Dick on being sober.  Jason Alexander on, well, actually his was clean.  Hollywood’s Master Storytellers had an incredible evening with the celebrities in the green room (actually it was red) at Mann’s Chinese Theater. We have super clean cut shows too. But this is a lot of fun.


Stay tuned as we work on our new site that we’re launching in two weeks and we get ready to relaunch our series, we’ll be sending you bits and pieces of our shows.  Feel free to “like” us on Facebook and we’ll keep you updated.  Enjoy and we’ll see you soon.

Nadine Christine Hamdan/Producer

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